YI IoT Security Camera SETUP Hotspot & WIFI Installation Review

hello guys in this video i will setup yi iot light 5G security camera in 2 modes, hotspot and WIFI
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Hello guys in this video I will test This outdoor Wi-Fi IP camera and connect It with yeah I O application step by Step in two modes hotspot and Wi-Fi Plug in the camera and waiting a few Seconds Don’t forget to like And subscribe and Feel free to ask me and comment The camera rotates 300 days horizontally And 90 dig vertically For use the camera you need to download The i o application in your phone And create an account with your Facebook In the application Give the access to location Here for connected with Wi-Fi And here for direct Connection In first I will connect it directly Tap next and connect with the com and Tap next The camera now is connected directly With the phone you can control it if you Are closeness And now I will connect it with Wi-Fi Network Agree and tap next Connect your phone with your Wi-Fi And insert your password and tap next Scan this core code with the lens of com For share the router infos with the com QR codes fan is successful Connecting to Wi-Fi Clicking you heard waiting for Connecting and tap next

Pairing is successful you can start Using your camera now and here give a Name for the cam You can add more cameras in the same Application Camera is online and you can control it And get footage from anywhere You can get your camera from the link in Description Foreign

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