Wansview B4 2K Solar Powered Security Camera Review

Today we Review the Wansview B4 2K Solar Powered Security Camera. This is an Alexa Enabled, Battery and Solar Powered 2K Security Camera. The perfect camera to record areas of your home where you can run cables. Check out the video quality, speaker and more in todays video.

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And it tells us that don’t support 5G I Can say I have a nest Wi-Fi mesh system I’ve never had an issue with the ssids Being the same never once Today we’re back with another smart home Camera this time special thanks to our Friends over at Wan’s view I’ve did a Few videos for Wan’s view in the past And today they’ve sent me their wins View B4 2K solar powered security camera So of course we’ll get on the overhead Rig we’ll unbox this and take a look at It and then we’ll go through the setup Process with the app and I’ll of course Show you the speaker video quality all That kind of stuff directly from this Camera so click like click subscribe Indulge in your life at Indulge Clothing.com for the merch and now let’s Check out this lands view B4 solar Powered camera alright so let’s open up Our full HD 2K wins view before security Camera now as you can see this comes With a solar panel for Non-Stop power It’s battery and solar powered and it Works on 2.4 gigahertz Wi-Fi on the Front some of the features 2K ip65 Waterproof SD and cloud storage love That two-way talk night vision solar Powered multi user sharing and PIR Motion detection on the side just a QR Code to get the Wan’s view app which You’ll need to of course set this up the Back just has company information the

Model is the B4 wind view wireless Security camera this side has a little Bit of the specs so the battery and Camera it’s 2K uses a USBC type Port Weighs 348 grams one meter is a cable Length and it’s ip65 waterproof solar Panel also has USBC Port 280 grams has a Three meter cable length and ip65 as Well nothing on the bottom It’s all tough let’s open this on up no Plastic or anything here Let’s have some Right on top a nice user’s guide that Shows you a little bit about the camera And everything you should need to know And here we are with the solar panel so USBC type cable right there very nice Looking solar panel to be honest doesn’t Feel cheap or anything branded with a Wanz view logo and a nice long three Meter cable how many feet is three Meters three meters is equivalent to Nine feet 10.11 inches so almost a 10 Foot cable nice then we’ve got some Other things so this looks like the Mount for the actual camera at least From what I can tell so the camera mount Loosen that and you’re able to Turn it and do what you want to do there That set of screws Another set of screws And Here is the mount for the solar panel And the screws

So it’s kind of the same way you’re able To figure out which way you need to Adjust this tighten this and then this Part just screws right into the back Here very simple One meter which I guess this is about a This is about a three just over three Foot cable if three meters is almost 10 Feet this would be about three feet USB C type cable to charge your camera oh Look at that they even include a little Plate so you’re able to use this sticker And drill in your holes to mount your Camera and then last but certainly not Least That’s it for the box is the actual Camera oh very nice it’s a little bigger Than I anticipated honestly I don’t know The size of the box and everything had Me thinking it was a little smaller so On the back this is where this would Screw in so just like the solar panel Literally just goes right into place Can’t beat that there we go and these Are the two antennas to get your Wi-Fi Signal it does only work on 2.4 Gigahertz but truly that should be fine At the end of the day and take that off And the only thing we got the sensor Here camera there that looks like your Mic and of course speaker here on the Bottom and then underneath this I Understand they need these to be Weatherproof but man all right so

There’s literally a power button there There is a USB C port and a Micro SD Card slot as well as a reset button and As you can see this little part comes Out so that way you can keep this Weatherproof plug in your solar panel And have this outside died without it Getting damaged so we’re gonna get us a Micro SD card in the camera this is a Class 10 SanDisk micro SD card so we’ll Slide in our micro SD card nice and easy And then we’ll take our little cable Here yeah about three to four feet plug It into USB and we’ll get this charging So our camera should be charging up We’re gonna give this a minute though to Charge up and then I’ll grab my phone We’ll clear off some of this and come Back and show you the setup process with The winds view B4 2K outdoor solar Powered security camera that’s a lot to Say all right so we’ve charged up our Camera now we can uh we’ll pop this back Out you basically need this to be able To get this open and it’s just a press You just press the button There we go so now our camera is powered On And I’m gonna use my camera up here take A photo of the image on the side of the Box which brings us to the wands view Cloud app so we’ll install this app once This app’s installed we’ll create us an Account and then we’ll go through the

Setup process with the B4 camera so There’s the app you open it up that’s What it looks like and then you sign Into your account got my got mine set up Then we’ll just click right here to add Device it lists all of the nice wins View devices I did not know they had a Pet feeder interesting so when’s view Confirmed the power is on it is that’s What we just did we’ll click next and Then press the reset button for three Seconds until the red and blue LEDs Flash alternatively all right so uh Here’s that reset button One Mississippi Two Mississippi three Mississippi there It goes red and blue flashing Alternatively and we heard the beep so We’ll click flashing and it tells us it Don’t support 5G I can say I have a nest Wi-Fi mesh system I’ve never had an Issue with the ssids being the same Never once so I’m going to put in my Wireless password please point the QR Code towards the camera lens and wait For the scan all right so now we scan This QR code with the camera Code scan is successful there we go so We’ll click next and now Wi-Fi is connected it’s going through The process to set everything up very Easy love that lens view the rain is Really comparing is successful you can Start using the camera now the pairing Is successful you can start using the

Camera now so we’ll call this one wind View B4 and they’re offering a 30-day Trial of their cloud service since I Have the micro SD card I really will not Need that so once you get everything set Up this is what it looks like click play Turn that down and there we go pretty Good picture quality gotta click that So there we go Wow yeah that’s that’s nice and clear so We have so when you’re on full screen All of your buttons are down here your 2K your mute your uh talking video and Picture and you even have your Wi-Fi Signal there that’s helpful now in this Screen you can switch it from 2K down to SD that’d give you a little more storage Room if you wanted to this button would Be how you would talk to it I’ll show You that in a moment this would record a Clip so like now I’m recording this is a Daytime audio video test on The wanz View B4 solar powered security camera And then there we go it says that it’s Saved that now you can also let me click Boom that takes you a picture You do have a siren let me uh click that Oh so you can have it triggered by Motion okay talk mode that’s where again You can talk and this is where you can Review memory card footage so very very Nice you can run it back Etc and then up Here you have a little settings gear Where you can see our battery is at 100

Percent signal is high you can invite Family members we have some advanced Settings here which is your camera Microphone 60 hertz frequency and image Rotation camera time zone the motion Detection so that’s like the sensitivity It’s all set to medium by default motion Alert is off you can enable that to get An alert every time there’s motion Memory card so there we go 24 7 Recording absolutely love that and you Can even format the card if needed and When space is full it overwrites the Earliest files light and night vision Auto infrared mode when the light is Poor automatically turn on the infrared Lights and night vision mode in the Image in black and white okay and then Lastly device management and network Information so I definitely think it’s a Very clear camera I mean like I can see The bumps on my face and stuff which you Know people don’t like that but that’s That’s very good let’s uh let’s test out The speaker on this thing the speaker is Right here on the bottom Let’s test the Speaker since we have a daytime audio Video clip and then after the speaker We’ll do a nighttime audio video clip Speaker test on on the land view before Camera so the only other thing I could Think to show you is a nighttime audio Video clip right here This is a nighttime audio video test on

The wands view B4 camera all right and So that should do it for the Wan’s view B4 solar powered security camera as you Know this has a full internal battery so Even if you don’t have sun it’s still Going to work for a few days and then of Course once your sun comes back out when It’s not raining like it is here today It would get the camera charged back up To 100 I absolutely love the fact that It has SD card support as well as cloud Storage some people really prefer the Cloud storage me I don’t like cloud Storage I would much rather have it Saved locally on a memory card that I Can take a look at myself at the end of The day a great camera and perfect for That side of your house where you can’t Run cables to it but you can set up Something like this have the solar panel And it’s going to keep charged and keep Working for you so of course I’ll have The Wan’s view B4 solar powered security Camera link Down Below in my description If you’d like to grab one of these for Your household just see I like I call my Hand on that luggage that other day and Man it is it like doesn’t uh doesn’t Look good but it’s not dirt promise so Click like click subscribe indulge in Your life at indulgeclothing.com for the Merch and we’ll see you in the next Video deuces

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