Smmvinnr Wireless Outdoor Battery Powered Home Security Camera Unboxing and Review

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Smmvinnr Security Camera Wireless Outdoor, Wireless Outdoor Camera, Battery Powered Cameras for Home Security, 1080P Color Night Vision, 2-Way Talk, AI Motion Detection, Spotlight, IP65 Waterproof

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What’s up guys our team started here and In this video I’m going to do the Unboxing and review of this smart Battery camera as you can see right here So I’m just going to show you guys all The features of this and all this Basically works so Stay tuned Okay guys so today we are going to do The unboxing of this smart battery Camera so basically as you can see on The box right here this is what come Inside and this is basically use and Solar so on the box you can build Basically see some features that is Basically as as you can see right here Feature that AI powered event detection And those things personal notification Package notification activity Notification so on the box that’s pretty Much it and all the features that you Basically has so as you can see right Here these are some more features that They can basically go to so I’m going to Unbox it right now so that you guys see What’s inside the package So as you can see Right here So as you guys can see right here in the Package let’s go for something right Here I’m gonna remove that Also we have a smart camera watching User manual so you can basically go Through this

Put that to the side so let’s try it Here guys Is the solar panel So as you can see this coming also in The package So I’m going to put it to the side for Now And also we have a USB cable which is a USB micro USB right here As you can see And also guys we have some little Socketing right here so And guys here we have the camera right Here Which is looking pretty neat It’s a camera right here I’m gonna move To that a bit and guys also in a package We have some attachment right here which I’m gonna go to also Foreign Which is looking pretty neat So this attachment as you can see right There You can support The charging right here for the micro And also we have a USB The USB connection for the micro and Also we have a memory card connection And also we have a power button right Here as well so right here behind it we Have a speaker our also our attachment Where we can just attach this onto it Right here it’s almost attach it right Now

To just set it up All right so now we have the camera Take a bright deer So no guys we have a solar panel right Here Which no hooked up so these are the Schools that come inside I can mount it On the wall so this one is for the Camera And this one is hard it’s right here Which can screw on the wall and let’s Plug this right now into Bottom of the camera So as you can see right here the light Flashing right here What I’m going to do you can scan this Code right here To download up which can control it from Your mobile phone and guys in this as Well if you don’t want to use a solar Panel to be escalatories I want to run It from directly from your inside your Power supply you can always use these so These are basically what we use to Replace this one right here so whereas That we have a USB connection right here And we have a micro USB right here so as You guys can see right here the camera Is now installing okay guys so what you Have done is there I installed the solar Panel right here and into the rooftop so You can get a great amount of sunlight So it is shaded from the rain as you can See right there so I’m just going to

Install it right now I have furthermore Hooked up I know what already so as you can see so Again it’s attachment attach it to it I’ll let you guys see So as you can see right here this is the Recording from the camera right here as You can see I’m waving right there and This is just a recording from my mobile Phone with the camera up right here so It looking pretty neat so you can Basically see the surrounding right There that the camera has been recorded So I hope you guys find this video very Helpful this is the camera up and it’s Looking pretty neat so thank you guys For watching

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