REVIEW: TieJus 2K Floodlight Cameras for Home Security, Solar Outdoor Camera Wireless, AI Motion

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TieJus 2K Floodlight Cameras for Home Security, Solar Outdoor Camera Wireless with 800-Lumen Brightness, Security Cameras Wireless Outdoor 2-Way Audio, AI Motion Detection, Smart Siren, 2.4G WiFi Cam

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Hey everyone today I am testing out this New floodlight security camera and one Reason I absolutely love it is because It comes with this solar panel so you Never have to worry about plugging it in Charging it it’s going to just charge Because of that panel it’s so amazing It’s also completely wireless as long as You use this panel no need to wire no Need to install so let’s check it out so This is a 2K Um solar security camera and it has a Lot of different features there’s just This user manual if you wanted to check That out but again here are what I was Just talking about my favorite feature The solar panel so all you have to do if You wanted to install the solar panel is You put it somewhere directly in the Side you want it to get as most Sun as Possible because that is going to help The camera stay charged as long as you Can and it has a little Mount right There that actually comes in mounting Hardware in here there’s mounting Hardware for both the camera and for the Solar panel so you can use either Um and just mount it right to your house To your shed to the wall wherever you Want to mount it and just make sure it’s Getting as much Sun as possible then You’re just going to plug this end into The solar camera and it’s ready to go Power is ready power’s working and it’s

Awesome and it has this really nice long Cord so you can get this panel into as Much sun as possible you could put it Around the corner from where you want The camera for example and that cord is Going to reach it also does have just a USB so if you did want to just plug in The camera you can you have that option You would just need a simple block plug This in and then it’ll be ready to go So this camera also has two-way talk Which is great and it has AI detection So that means if there’s a person Walking across your yard or your patio Or anywhere it’s going to alert you Through the app and that’s right it also Comes with an app so you can actually See everything in live view live time And it’s going to work just amazing so Here’s the camera itself it does come With this film so just peel that right Off and now you can see it has also this Around the side it’s actually an 800 Lumen light so it works as a spotlight As well as a camera so cool and you can Actually even adjust this light if you Want to so you don’t even have to have The light on full blast you can change The settings to make it as bright as You’d like and also it can be censored So you can have the light go on when People walk by or it can just go off or It can automatically go on again you can Control everything through the app which

I’m going to show you as well so here Are the antennas which you do want to Have um kind of adjust them so that they Get the most um like frequency as Possible so they are Bluetooth so it’s Going to connect right to that app Through Bluetooth wireless again here is One of the mounting Hardwares you can Screw that on if you’d like there and on The bottom here is just the power source So this is where you’re going to plug in That solar panel or plug in that outlet Right there there is a space as well for A mini SD card if you wanted to use that As storage or you can use the cloud Storage on the app and there is the Power and the reset button so when you Turn on the camera for the first time You’re going to do that one and that is What I’m going to do now so I’m going to Go ahead and download the app and test It out So once you have the app downloaded You’re going to choose battery camera And that is the choice you’re going to Use you’re going to choose that even if You plan on plugging into the solar Panel please power on the device so when You want to choose and then you just hit Um add camera On the camera which it does pretty much So you want to make sure you’re on a 2.4 Gigabyte web Wi-Fi and not a 5G because It won’t connect so that could be a

Problem if you’re having a trouble Connecting but other than that you just Scan the QR code and then it should Connect to the network right away again Just make sure you’re not on the 5G when You’re connecting um it’ll just make the Connection a lot easier and a lot better And you can see at the top it already is Alerting me that um my camera is working And there’s motion I’m already getting Those alerts so once it’s connected and You can see right here that it has the Strong signal you want to get it as Strong as possible so I would recommend Putting the camera while you’re setting Up where you’re going to have it Um installed so I had to front door Because that is where I’m going to Install it and it just makes the Wi-Fi Signal you can really check it and kind Of adjust those antennas to be exactly Right so then you can name your camera And you can see here I actually have Another device on this same app so you Can manage more than one device through This app so you can get two of these Solar cameras you could get three and You can use them all on the same app and Make it really easy for you to see Exactly what’s going on around your House so here it just kind of walks you Through how to use the app you can see The setup you can just kind of do all The experiences if you want but I’m just

Going to kind of skip through those and Get right to the camera so you can see Exactly how it looks so you kind of Already saw before here is the front View I was just kind of holding the Camera before I installed it I’m kind of Looking around getting it in place and You can see there is all the cars in the Driveway and you can see all the Different things that you can do on this App so you do want to have access to Your photos so you can take those Screenshots you can take live video and Record on camera you can do everything With the push of a button through the App so I’m just kind of scrolling back And forth you can see the full view full Screen view right here and it does show The date and the time stamp up in the Corner there which I love because you Know exactly when stuff is happening you Can see at the bottom you have the siren Button you can turn on an automatic Siren you can adjust the motion Detection settings and you can also play Around with the lights So here’s the motion detection you can Make it um more or less sensitive Whatever you want so here is a recording You can see there’s truck going by a car Going by Um very clear picture I had set it to The HT setting and you can see crystal Clear you can see absolutely everything

In real time and then here is just I Wanted to show you how the Night Vision Works so this is actually completely at Night but that camera with the light the Light automatically goes on when Somebody walks by so it’s total Floodlight it completely lit up my Backyard and if you just wait a second You’ll see the light goes off so it Looks almost like it’s day but this is Actually nice it’s just such a bright Light which I absolutely love because You’re going to be able to see Everything in your front yard in your Backyard at night so here is what Happens when it goes off black and white So cool

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