Reolink Trackmix Battery Review: A Full Featured Wireless Outdoor WIFI PTZ Security Camera

Today, we are going to review the battery version of the Reolink Trackmix. I initially thought that this is going to be a strip down version of their plug in and wired models but I am surprised that it is not. We will check out its features, do a quick unboxing, set it up, install and check out its video and audio quality and run it through our camera tests and see if this auto zoom and auto tracking battery powered Reolink Trackmix is a good option for your home.
Thank you Reolink for sending me this trackmix to be reviewed.

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00:00 Introduction
00:51 Features
02:26 Unboxing
03:52 Setup
04:15 Installation
04:37 Settings in the app
06:26 Video Quality Daytime
07:15 Night Quality
08:30 Other Testing
10:53 Thoughts

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This is the real link track mix and this Is the battery version it has two lenses And it definitely has tracking hello Guys life hackster here today we are Going to check and review the battery Version of The Reeling track mix I Reviewed their Poe or power over Ethernet and their Wi-Fi versions a While back and I will link it down below If you haven’t seen it yet and you can Check it out after you watch this video I’ll make a separate video comparing These three models but one thing to note And this applies to any security cameras That are battery powered wired or Plug-in cameras will always outperform Battery-powered ones and I’ll talk more About it when I make that video it just Means if you have a way to run cables Either for power or ethernet always go With wired the main and probably the Only reason to go with battery-powered Security cameras is the flexibility of Where you can install it let’s check out Its features this camera has two lenses A wide one with a 96 degree horizontal And 55 degree vertical field of view and And a narrow or zoomed in lens with a 38 Degree horizontal and 21 degree vertical Field of view on the app you can see the Two views in one screen it is a pan and Tilt camera with a 355 degree pan at 90 Degree tilt and it has motion tracking Which should contract persons vehicles

And or beds aside from tracking the zoom Lens also has what reeling calls hybrid Zoom which is a combination of optical And digital Zoom from the two lenses it Records in 2K quality 2560×1440 pixel resolution on the wide Lens and 1080p on the zoomed one and Both at 15 frames per second it has Smart detection persons patent vehicles And with two-way talk it has a spotlight For color night vision and also the Traditional infrared night vision it has A built-in rechargeable battery 7.2 Volts and 5100 milliamp hour capacity And with all the battery hugging Features of this camera it is highly Recommended to hook this up with a solar Panel there’s a caveat to this which I’ll talk about in the video this camera Connects to both 2.4 and 5 gigahertz Wi-Fi it is an outdoor camera so it is Weather resistant and for storage it Records to a Micro SD card inserted in The camera itself and is compatible to Up to 128 gigabyte card there is also a Recording to the cloud option but you Will not be able to connect this to real Links and VR it’s the same thing with All battery-powered real link cameras And it works with both Google and Amazon Screen devices opening the box we have Some paperwork we have the operational Instructions we have a Windows sticker We have a mounting template ceiling or

Wall install and we have the track mix Itself which design and build wise is The same as the wired versions this part Is metal the main Camera Part is also Metal the sides are hard plastic and the Same thing with the mount in the top we Have the two mimo antennas we have the Two lenses we have the spotlight and two Infrared LEDs light sensor right here And we have the PIR motion sensor which Is one of the differences from the wired Ones on the bottom is a screwed in cover Covering the micro SD card slot turning The camera around you will see the Speaker and there is a wire on the back Which has a USB C Port so this camera Uses USBC to charge which means as for Solar panels it will need a new panel From reelink that has USBC which is not Available yet at the time of filming but It will be a 6 watt 6 volt one at this Time this will not work with older real Link micro USB panels unless there’s Some adapter and how this is designed With the cable dangling this is really Designed to have a solar panel in the FAQ page for this camera reeling states That the battery will normally last from One to four weeks only per charge and we Have another screwed in covered area Which houses the on and off switch and The reset switch setting this up is Pretty easy first insert a Micro SD card Turn on the camera open up the real link

App click the plus sign on the upper Right corner owner scan the QR code Which is on the top part of the camera Click Wi-Fi not configured type in your Wi-Fi’s password which it will generate A QR code which you need to show the Camera create a device password and it Should now be added onto the app let’s Install this you can also install this In a wall but I’ll install this in the Ceiling for this setup using the Template screw in the first two screws Not all the way so that you can hook and Hang the camera then secure it with the Other two screws you will see that this Cable is just dangling and the port Doesn’t have a cover which ruling should Have done but it just shows that this Camera needs to be hooked up with a Solar panel let’s check out some Settings in the app when you open up the App you will see a snapshot with a not Connected icon on it in here you can Also turn on and off the motion sensor And when you click on the thumbnail it Will open up the live view which loads Up decently quick on the top you can Activate the siren turn on the spotlight Which will turn the live view in full Color and the bottom here you can start To a talk with full duplex PTZ is to Control the camera movement you have the Joystick where you can pan and tilt the Camera and you can adjust its speed if

You click this this is the settings for The monitor or the home position of the Camera like return to the monitor point Which will go back to your set home Position which you can set it from here And also change the time when it will go Back to the home position then we have The preset points so let’s say we’ll go Back to the joystick control and move The camera to my shed then click the Preset icon and you can add this and I’ll name it shed so aside from the home Position you can set other points where You can easily move the camera to any Set position that you program we have Playback which you will see the recorded Footage and you can sort it out to Person vehicle or pets and when you Click on it it will show the footage and This is where you can download it Clicking the gear icon will get you to The camera setting first the battery Levels the first three days of using This from 100 it is now 88 I’ll just Show you the video quality 2560 by 1440 And a Max of 15 FPS and we have the PIR Sensor and where you can adjust the Sensitivity and on detection alarm you Can set detection zones and you can also Adjust the sensitivity of the AI Detection person vehicle and pet Separately and this is also where you Can turn on tracking which you can pick Which you want to track or all of them

Then we have other tracking settings Time to do some testing This is the video and audio quality of The radio link track mix and this is the Battery version video Clarity test at 10 Feet 15. 20. 25 [Music] . 35 Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign Track mix the battery version at night And this with its two infrared LEDs this One looks like at 10 feet 15 20. 30. 35 40. We are going to test the motion alert Notification speed for the battery Version of the real link track mix and I’m on my LTE connection and it is 1051 So let’s check it out The battery versions of real link Has a little bit delay In the notification Yep there you go not bad so when you Click and hold

There’s no Rich notifications and when You click on it it should get you to Live view There you go All right 10 52. it just turned to 1053 So it’s been less than a minute so let’s See what the notification cool off of The battery version of the real link Track mix Thank you Apparently there’s no option yeah it’s Good less than a minute currently There’s no option to the notification Interval you can’t change this on the App we are going to test the maximum Detection distance of the track mix Battery and the it uses a PIR motion Sensor so it’s going to be a little bit Limited so we’ll see I’ve set the Sensitivity as to motion detection to a Hundred percent or 100 level and the uh Person detection to a hundred also so It’s Max sensitivity on both This is 40 Feet And there’s a delay notification so And then we’ll just go around here oh Yeah I got detected I got detected cool Cool 40 feet because the track makes us A battery so let’s test how soon it will Record when the motion is going towards The camera See how sensitive its PIR sensor is Oh yes recording is tracking me already

Cool There you go [Laughter] Overall this battery powered track mix Performed pretty well and I like that Re-link did limit its features because It is battery powered this is probably The only battery powered camera that has Motion tracking and with all these Features translates to faster battery Drain and it is highly recommended and Probably a must to hook this up to a Solar panel for the battery category of Wi-Fi cameras this reeling track mix Definitely stands out and because of a Metal body this is probably also the Heaviest battery powered camera made You’ll be seeing more of this camera in My future videos when I compare it to Other brands well that’s it for this Video thanks for watching

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