Friday , April 16th 2021
    Hidden Security Cameras

Outdoor Cameras

If you need security cameras on the exterior of your house or office then you will most likely want to be able to access them via your smartphone or computer. These outdoor security camera systems allow you to do that and in some cases you can even interact with the people via voice!

It’s important to make sure that any camera you use outdoors is waterproof and that it gets powered either by Power Over Ethernet (POE) or thru a waterproof electrical outlet.

You also need to verify that the camera lens will not fog up due to weather conditions. Other features to consider are motion detection and night vision.

Nest Cam Outdoor Security CameraNest Cam Outdoor Security Camera

The Nest Cam provides 24/7, 130 degree live video in beautiful 1080p HD. It supports phone and email alerts when motion is detected in the area and it can be used indoors or outdoors since it is waterproof. It even allows you to listen to any conversations taking place and to talk to the people near the camera.

The only real drawback to this camera is that it requires a monthly subscription in order to access the full suite of camera features.