Kasa Smart Security Camera for Baby monitor, 1080p HD Indoor Camera for Home Security with Motion Detection, Two-Way Audio, Night Vision, Cloud & SD Card Storage, Works with Alexa & Google Home (EC60) review


If you’re in the market for a reliable and high-quality security camera for your home, look no further than the Kasa Smart Security Camera (EC60). This indoor camera offers a range of features that make it perfect for use as a baby monitor or for general home security. With its 1080p HD resolution, real-time motion/sound detection, and night vision capabilities, you can always keep an eye on what matters most to you.

Picture Quality and Aesthetics

One of the standout features of the Kasa Smart Security Camera is its impressive picture quality. While it may not offer 2K resolution like some other cameras on the market, the difference is hardly noticeable. Plus, with the holiday discounts available, there’s no reason not to take advantage of the superior picture quality offered by the EC60.

In terms of aesthetics, the Kasa camera may not be as visually appealing as some of its competitors. The plastic base and stand connecting piece can feel a bit cheap, especially compared to the metal construction of other cameras. Additionally, the gray cord on the white and black unit may not be to everyone’s liking. However, when it comes to wall mounting, the Kasa camera offers a shorter stem/neck, making it a better choice for mounting downward from the ceiling.

Sound and Wall Mount

When it comes to sound, both the Kasa and EZVIZ cameras perform admirably. The front-facing microphones ensure that incoming sound is recorded clearly, while the outbound sound is emitted from a speaker located on the back of both cameras.

In terms of wall mounting, the EZVIZ camera has the edge with its magnetic mounting option. This feature allows for easy attachment to metal surfaces like refrigerators. However, if you prefer mounting vertically on a wall, the EZVIZ camera may be more visually appealing. On the other hand, if you plan to place the camera on a table, both options are suitable, although the square shape of the Kasa camera may stand out in an unattractive way.

Extra Features and Connection

One notable extra feature of the Kasa camera is its detection of people. While not all EZVIZ cameras offer this capability, the Kasa camera provides added peace of mind by alerting you to any potential intruders. The starlight feature, although not perfect, does offer some improvement in low-light situations, providing color video when there is dim lighting.

When it comes to the connection process, the EZVIZ camera takes the lead in terms of ease of use. Simply scanning a QR code with the EZVIZ app is all it takes to connect the camera to your Wi-Fi network. In contrast, the Kasa camera requires a few extra steps, such as changing your phone’s Wi-Fi network before the connection can be established. This may be more challenging for older individuals or those who are less tech-savvy.

Apps and Recording Options

The Kasa app offers a more visually appealing interface, with potential integration of smart home devices. However, it may be overwhelming for those who are not comfortable with technology. On the other hand, the EZVIZ app has a simpler design that may be more suitable for individuals who prefer a straightforward user experience.

Both cameras offer 24/7 recording to an SD card of up to 256 GB without the need for a subscription. However, if you choose to go with cloud storage, the Kasa camera provides better value when using multiple cameras. The subscription prices for both cameras are comparable for a single camera, but the Kasa camera offers more cost-effective plans for multiple cameras.

Kasa Smart Security Camera for Baby monitor, 1080p HD Indoor Camera for Home Security with Motion Detection, Two-Way Audio, Night Vision, Cloud  SD Card Storage, Works with Alexa  Google Home (EC60)

Product Description

Real-Time Motion/Sound Detection

The Kasa Smart Security Camera for Baby monitor is equipped with real-time motion and sound detection, allowing you to receive instant alerts on your smartphone whenever any activity is detected, even in low-light conditions. This feature is particularly useful for ensuring the safety of your little one, as well as for monitoring your home when you’re away.

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Night Vision

With its advanced night vision capability, this camera ensures that you can see everything clearly even in complete darkness. The night vision range extends up to 30 feet, providing you with a clear view of your baby or the surroundings of your home, all through the night.

Secure Your Videos Locally or with AWS Cloud

You have the option to store your recorded footage and video clips either on a local MicroSD card with a capacity of up to 64 GB, or securely in the AWS Cloud. This ensures that your videos are always accessible and protected.

Smart Actions

The Kasa Smart Security Camera allows for seamless integration with other Kasa devices, enabling you to create customized smart actions. For example, you can set your lights to turn on automatically when motion is detected by the camera, providing an added layer of security and convenience.

Voice Control

Pairing your Kasa Smart Security Camera with your Alexa or Google Assistant enables you to control it through simple voice commands. You can ask Alexa or Google Assistant to view the live camera feed on compatible devices, making it even more convenient to monitor your baby or home.

Night Vision

The Kasa Spot features night vision capabilities that extend up to 30 feet, ensuring that you never miss a thing even in low-light or dark conditions. The high-quality video remains consistent, allowing you to see clear details throughout the night.

With its impressive features like real-time motion/sound detection, night vision, secure video storage options, smart actions, and voice control compatibility, the Kasa Smart Security Camera for Baby monitor (EC60) offers a comprehensive and reliable solution for home security. Whether you’re monitoring your baby, pets, or simply ensuring the safety of your home, this camera provides peace of mind with its easy-to-use functionality and high-quality performance.

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Great price

The Kasa Smart Security Camera for Baby monitor offers a great price that is hard to beat. For under $25, you get a high-quality indoor camera with advanced features, making it an excellent value for your money.

Very clear video

Despite its small and affordable size, the Kasa Smart Security Camera delivers surprisingly clear video quality. You can expect a sharp and detailed 1080p HD resolution, allowing you to see what’s happening in your home with excellent clarity.

Ability to speak through the camera

One standout feature of the Kasa Smart Security Camera is its ability to speak through the camera. This feature worked exceptionally well for one reviewer who used it to communicate with their son and pet parrot. They mentioned that they didn’t even need to use Facetime with their son because they could talk to him and the parrot through the camera.

Does not rely on batteries

Unlike many other security cameras, the Kasa Smart Security Camera needs to be plugged in for power, eliminating the need to constantly recharge batteries. This ensures that you always have a reliable and uninterrupted source of power for your camera.

Fast and easy set up

The Kasa Smart Security Camera is incredibly easy to set up, taking only a few minutes to get up and running. This straightforward installation process makes it accessible for users of all technical levels, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of the camera without any hassle.

the Kasa Smart Security Camera for Baby monitor offers a great price, delivers very clear video quality, allows you to speak through the camera, does not rely on batteries, and has a fast and easy setup process. The positive reviews from customers highlight its affordability, high-quality video, versatility, and user-friendly features. With its impressive range of capabilities, the Kasa Smart Security Camera is an excellent choice for anyone looking to enhance their home security and keep an eye on their loved ones.

Kasa Smart Security Camera for Baby monitor, 1080p HD Indoor Camera for Home Security with Motion Detection, Two-Way Audio, Night Vision, Cloud  SD Card Storage, Works with Alexa  Google Home (EC60)

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Challenges and Solutions

Initial registration

When setting up the Kasa Smart Security Camera for the first time, some users have reported difficulties with the initial registration process. This is due to issues with the confirmation email not working properly, especially for users with Hotmail accounts. However, a solution to this problem is to contact the support team through Live Chat instead of email. They can provide assistance and may even be able to resolve the issue by sending an email to change the password, completing the registration process.

Initial setup

Another challenge that users have encountered is difficulty syncing the camera to their smartphones during the initial setup. One solution to this problem is to turn off mobile data and use Wi-Fi to complete the setup process. By doing so, users have been able to successfully sync their cameras without any issues.

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Clumsy app

Some users have found the Kasa app to be a bit clumsy and challenging to navigate. However, a solution to this challenge is to seek assistance from someone familiar with the app, such as a 12-year-old, who can guide you through the different features and settings. By exploring the app’s settings menu, particularly the Detection and Sensitivity options, users can customize their camera’s responses to motion and sound, ensuring they receive relevant notifications.

Notification settings

Configuring the notification settings for the Kasa Smart Security Camera has been another challenge for some users. It’s important to understand that the “Detect Motion” and “Listen for Sound” settings are for notifications rather than turning the camera’s audio on/off. By adjusting these settings, users can receive notifications for both motion and sound events. It’s worth noting that the camera has a sensitive microphone, and notifications are sent once every five minutes for each type of event, reducing the chance of being overwhelmed with notifications.

Night vision transition

One challenge that some users have experienced is the night vision feature not transitioning back to normal vision after detecting low-light conditions. It’s unclear if this is a problem with specific units or a design flaw. However, despite this issue, users have still found the night vision feature to be effective in capturing clear black and white footage in both daylight and darkness.

Storage compatibility

Users who opt for local storage using a micro SD card have encountered compatibility issues with the “Samsung EVO” brand. However, this challenge can be easily overcome by using any other brand of micro SD card, as they are compatible with the Kasa Smart Security Camera. It is recommended to invest in a 256GB micro SD card for ample storage space and to ensure compatibility. If cloud storage is preferred, it provides an added layer of security, protecting recordings from potential damage or removal by intruders.

despite the challenges encountered during initial registration, setup, app navigation, notification settings, night vision transition, and storage compatibility, the Kasa Smart Security Camera proves to be a worthy investment. With its advanced features, such as real-time motion/sound detection, two-way audio, and compatibility with voice assistants, this camera provides peace of mind, allowing you to monitor your home and loved ones even when you’re away.

Kasa Smart Security Camera for Baby monitor, 1080p HD Indoor Camera for Home Security with Motion Detection, Two-Way Audio, Night Vision, Cloud  SD Card Storage, Works with Alexa  Google Home (EC60)

User Reviews

Positive review 1

I absolutely love love love this little camera. It’s super easy to set up and gives you a great picture and it’s a motion detector too. If this didn’t have the motion detector on it I wouldn’t love it as much. The reason being is because some people don’t use those cards to put inside the cameras to record activity, so they won’t know if someone was in their space or not. This camera is live and detects a human body in seconds. It immediately gives alerts so you can log in and look at your home when movement is present. At first, I couldn’t connect my camera and started blaming the company, until I discovered that I was putting in the wrong WiFi code for my house lol 😂. This thing is a must for people in apartments especially. You can even talk on it too, man. Genius!!! Be like “Why are you here? I’m calling the cops” then screenshot them right then for proof lol. I can communicate with my family while I’m away and keep watch on them too if needed. I love this camera and would buy more and more and more. Price is great too 😉

Positive review 2

We purchased this camera when we went on a trip because we were worried about our pet parrot and our son’s ability to take care of the parrot, but we were super pleased for several reasons:

  1. Great price, can’t beat the price under $25
  2. Very clear video, surprising for such a small and cheap video camera
  3. Ability to speak through the camera – it worked so well that we didn’t even need to FaceTime our son, we just talked to him and the parrot through the camera almost every day when the Kasa motion alert went off.
  4. Does not rely on batteries but it needs to be plugged in, eliminating the need to constantly recharge the camera.
  5. Fast and easy set up, in minutes!

This is an indoor camera, so you can’t use it outdoors. I would totally buy this again!

Positive review 3

I recently tried other camera security systems that were on sale, but they failed me. I had Kasa cameras in my home before I bought these and I know they work great. So I went ahead and ordered 3 more. I already had the app on my phone and other cameras, so the setup was super smooth like butter. I need to keep an eye on my mischievous dog while I’m out and also to keep my home safe. These are great investments! I will be purchasing more in the future to be able to keep an eye on my mom’s home who lives 3 hours away from me. When I’m visiting my mom, I am able to look through my cameras and even review footage or talk through them. I absolutely recommend these. Also get the memory cards that it needs for storage!! I love my cameras!

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Negative review

So glad we got this camera. We got it to monitor our baby if I go outside to let the dogs potty and also use it to keep an eye on the dogs when we leave the house. The quality is good when looking at the live feedback too. It is about a second delayed when watching it and you do need an SD card if you plan to record anything, but we don’t need to record so it works fine for us as is. It does alert me a lot saying the baby is crying when he isn’t, but other than that it’s great.

I bought this camera after my mom had a stroke to keep an eye on her. This is a great camera. I can see in their apt to make sure my parents are ok while we’re not there. The mic can be muffled at times when speaking with them, but I’m glad that I can view them. Overall, great value for the price.


Does the camera work with 5G internet?

Yes, despite some reviews claiming that the camera only works with 2G internet, the Kasa Smart Security Camera for Baby monitor (EC60) is compatible with 5G internet as well. So, if you have a 5G internet service, you can rest assured that this camera will work seamlessly with it, allowing you to monitor your home effectively.

How long does the micro SD card store recordings?

The EC60 mini camera can continuously record and store footage or video clips on a local MicroSD card. With a capacity of up to 64 GB, you can store a significant amount of recordings. However, the duration for which the micro SD card can store recordings will depend on factors such as the resolution and quality of the videos being recorded, as well as the amount of motion and activity being detected. It is recommended to regularly check and manage your storage space by transferring or deleting old recordings.

How to transfer recordings to a PC?

To transfer recordings from the micro SD card to your PC, simply remove the SD card from the camera and insert it into the SD card slot on your computer. You can then access and transfer the recordings using the file explorer on your computer. Alternatively, you can also connect the camera to your PC via a USB cable and transfer the recordings directly from the camera’s internal storage.

the Kasa Smart Security Camera for Baby monitor (EC60) offers impressive features such as real-time motion/sound detection, night vision, two-way audio, and compatibility with Alexa and Google Home. It is a user-friendly solution that provides peace of mind for home security or monitoring your loved ones. With its reliable performance, easy setup, and affordable price, this camera is definitely worth considering for anyone in need of an indoor security camera.

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After reading multiple reviews and comparing the features and performance of the Kasa Smart Security Camera for Baby monitor (EC60) with other cameras, it is evident that this product offers great value for its price.

One customer shared their experience of using this camera to keep an eye on their parents, mentioning that they can easily view their parents’ apartment and ensure their well-being even when they are not physically present. Although they mentioned that the microphone can be muffled at times, they still found the camera to be a valuable investment.

Another customer mentioned that they have already used Kasa cameras before and have found them to be reliable, which is why they decided to purchase more. They appreciate the easy setup process and the ability to remotely monitor their home and mischievous dog. They also plan to use these cameras to monitor their mother’s home, who lives three hours away.

A detailed comparison review with the EZVIZ C1C camera was also provided. The reviewer highlighted the Kasa camera’s 2K picture quality, motion detection, and the option for local storage or cloud backup. They also compared the aesthetics, sound quality, wall mount options, extra features, connectivity, and the apps of both cameras. While they found some advantages in the EZVIZ camera, they ultimately concluded that the Kasa camera’s better picture quality and affordable price make it a worthwhile choice.

In conclusion, the Kasa Smart Security Camera for Baby monitor (EC60) is a reliable and user-friendly option for home security. With its motion detection, two-way audio, night vision, and compatibility with voice assistants, it offers convenience and peace of mind. Whether you want to monitor your baby, pet, or home, this camera provides the necessary features to keep you connected and secure.

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