HOSAFE.COM 2K Solar Security Cameras Wireless Outdoor Review & Instructions Manual

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I use this product in the backyard to see places I can’t see from the back door. We have dogs that got skunked behind the shed and a wall on the patio. We liked the cam so much that we ordered another one for coverage of the blind spots. The cams are up to 65ft away from the router and they might be able to be mounted even farther away, I did not test how far they could go. You can mount the solar panel two ways on top of the cam or away with the included extension cable. The night vision is great with the spotlight in the camera. SD card or pay for cloud storage. The app works well but takes a little getting used to. I also contacted support for the product and they were great!

Solar Security Cameras Wireless Outdoor Battery Powered, Pan Tilt WiFi Camera for Home Security, 2K HD Video Surveillance Color Night Vision, 2 Way Talk, PIR Human Motion Detection, Phone App Alerts

All right I just received a camera here They say is solar powered handheld Zoom Outdoor security camera from Josef And uh I’m doing this with one hand Because I’m videotaping with the other So Let’s see what we get in the Box Drill hole pattern Another drill hole pattern once for the Solar panel once for the camera Yes instruction book Here’s the solar panel How many watts it is That Mounting hardware Uh another power cable Mounting bracket The camera It’s got a microphone light Pan tailed Zoom It’s wireless I think only 2.4 gigahertz Might be wrong but I think that’s what I Read And uh That’s it now we’re gonna Get inputs there for power and Yeah All right we’re gonna hook this up and See what it does All right now that I’ve got the camera Set up I quickly just installed it up here to See how it’s going to work but if you Look there’s the solar panel

It’s a cloudy day but there’s the camera Itself And again It’ll probably get moved but I just Wanted to set this up for testing And we’ll see how it does All right so with the app on You can see the traffic’s going pretty Good Zooming in Zooming out It is actually a really good camera Again I’m still getting familiar with uh The options here but yeah Looks really good Love it now I can monitor what’s going On in front of my house Foreign Foreign

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